I am a senior Technical consultant for VMware Infrastructure. I live in the Netherlands… I am a fan of VMware and kind of fell in love with PHD’s esXpress backup solution for VMware as well…

As a hobby I do a lot of photography, and I also have special interest in tropical freshwater and brackish water fish.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Eric Sloof Says:

    Community expert Erik Zandboer has started blogging

    Erik is not the first VMTN community contributor who started a weblog, we can find Tom Howarth over at PlanetVM and Alan Renouf (no he isn’t French) shares his ramblings at the redesigned Virtu-Al. If you’re really looking for a VMware Technical Deepdive, you should visit to Erik Zandboer’s VMdamentals Blog. In its short existence it already contains some great articles.

  2. James Rosikiewicz Says:


    RE: Surviving total SAN failure –

    I also protected VM’s against a total SAN failure. (Prior to working at PHD)

    30 – SAN Attached ESX Server
    All production application
    AD1, Exchange, DNS1, WINS1, DHCP1, PROXY,
    Replicated daily

    1 – EXS server with no SAN
    Replicated daily
    AD1, Exchange, DNS1, WINS1, DHCP1, PROXY,

    I used esXpress to replicate VM’s on the stand alone host to the SAN attached hosts and replicates 2-3 crital VMs from the SAN to the stand alone host.

    This provided DNS, WINS, PROXY, DHCP, Exchange, San management when I have to take down the Primary SAN storage to maninanacen or to protect from failure.

    James Rosikiewicz
    Director of Product Management

    • erikzandboer Says:


      You commented in the About… section. Could you also reply to the blog directly?

      I am aware that you can survive a total SAN failure using replication. But that is not the idea of this blogpost. I want zero-downtime! I know the esXpress solution, have also set it up at customers. This solution gives you a really short RTO, but the RPO remains hours (usually 24). In this blogpost I was looking for ways to just go on if a SAN fails, without the need for failovers or the starting of previously replicated VMs….

  3. Corey Says:

    hey old ST coder 🙂

    Can we get in contact? Thanks.. talk to you soon.



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