hostd-hara-kiri – by Erik Zandboer

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2 Responses to “hostd-hara-kiri – by Erik Zandboer”

  1. MB-NS Says:


    Here is a thread stating that it *shouldù be fixed by the next update :

    A short term workaround might be to stop the Pegasus service… but then, you lost the monitoring capabilities.

    BTW, thank you for your blog. Entries are quite thorough and interesting.

  2. jame Says:

    I get oftenly this kind of trouble. For me it’s always connected to a IPMI trouble (KIPMI0 process).
    Increasing the Service Console memory solve a part. But most of the time, we have to stop Pegasus service, stop IPMI service and some hardware vendors custom tips (ex: SUN => ILOM firmware version, DELL => parameters in OpenManager…).

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