Performance tab “Numbers” demystified – by Erik Zandboer

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5 Responses to “Performance tab “Numbers” demystified – by Erik Zandboer”

  1. john Says:


    What a great article, the performance tab makes indeed much more sence this way.



  2. Per Kristian Says:

    Excellent work! After reading your article I now totally get it!

    Keep ‘Em coming!

    Per Kristian

  3. JDLangdon Says:

    Thanks to you for taking the time to write this great article.

  4. Webs Says:

    Any thoughts on memory and how to get an accurate reading with it? The values given are in percent over time and I have heard the accuracy is flaky.

    • erikzandboer Says:

      As far as I know, readings are accurate. The problem most of the time is that people misinterpret them. You should be able to sum up all variables and end up with 0 🙂

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