Scaling VMware hot-backups (using esXpress) – by Erik Zandboer

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2 Responses to “Scaling VMware hot-backups (using esXpress) – by Erik Zandboer”

  1. Robert Reynolds Says:

    We have used esXpress for years and I am in complete agreement on your comments. It is a very good DR product and the company is wonderful to work with.

    Robert Reynolds
    Storage and Virtualization
    Indiana University

  2. The new esXpress 3.5 « VMdamentals Blog Says:

    […] The limitations mentioned above are not a limit of esXpress though, but more a limitation of dedup in itself. PHD choose to use online dedup (basically you dedup while you write), which will use CPU power during backup and restores. CPU power might even be the limiting factor in your backup speed. Luckily CPU power is usually available in abundance nowadays. I will dive deeper into performance and scaling of deduped installations in the next blogpost, which will hopefully prove that dedup really performs (like the setup using multiple FTP targets simultaneously described in my blogpost Scaling VMware hot-backups using esXpress). […]

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